Celebrating our 50th Anniversary

Celebrating our 50th Anniversary

Established in 1972 and based in London, we are specialists in family law recognised as a leader in the field nationally and internationally. We encourage a constructive, solution focused and cost effective approach to family law. Whether we are navigating you through a negotiation or representing you in court, our approachable service makes a potentially difficult process more manageable.

Here’s our 50 year heritage…

Devereux Court:

The seeds of Dawson Cornwell were sown when “the two Johns” met at Gustavus Thomson in Devereux Court.

31 Bedford Square:

In 1972 they established Dawson Cornwell at 31 Bedford Square, with a view to providing clients with a full spectrum of family law services.

Red Lion Square:

From 1982 Dawson Cornwell operated from Red Lion Square, for very nearly 40 years. John Cornwell had a keen interest in and love of history and art; he was charmed to occupy rooms at no 17 which had previously been occupied by Pre-Raphaelite poets and painters Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones.

John Cornwell:

Famously John Cornwell founded Resolution, the national organisation for family lawyers. As he recalled, in 1982 he had “a very good idea”. He said:

“I had been plagued by some really irritating letters from other solicitors (mostly in the litigation departments to their firms) whilst at the same time having perfectly sensible correspondence with many others. I thought that I would write to the good ones to get them to meet. I wrote to about 50 and to my amazement 35 of them came.”

Staple Inn:

Moving in 2018 to our present home, Dawson Cornwell has expanded over the last 50 years to the firm it is today, involved in many family law-changing cases and being recognised as a leader in family law by our clients, fellow professionals and the industry directories.

In 2021 Dawson Cornwell worked with individuals and families from 63 countries worldwide (about a third of world countries). We are proud of the reach of our international work and look forward to more of the same in our Golden Anniversary year!

63 countries
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