Family mediation has been defined as a process in which an impartial third person (or persons) assists those involved in family breakdown, and in particular separating or divorcing couples or those involved in the dissolution or breakdown of a civil partnership, to communicate better with one another and to reach their own agreed and informed decisions about any of the issues arising from parting.

Couples can go into mediation at any time; before they have separated, during negotiations, or at an advanced stage of litigation. They can even go into mediation during the collaborative process.

We are able to provide mediation to couples who are referred to us by other solicitors. We also frequently refer our own clients to other mediators whom we consider possess the necessary skills and expertise for properly controlled and effective mediation.

When couples are mediating, it does not mean that they are excluded from taking independent legal advice. Indeed mediators much prefer that a mediating couple should be represented by lawyers during mediation. When we refer clients to mediation we continue to advise them throughout the process as and when needed.

Our mediators are Jeremy Abraham (a former Chair of the Family Mediators Association) and Jessica Reid.