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Simon Bruce - Dawson Cornwell

Simon is at the pinnacle of family law and is widely sought-after by clients. “Simon Bruce remains at the top of the tree...he continues to provide an effortlessly first class service”, said The Legal 500 in 2022. 

He’s been practising for over 35 years, and regularly does the top cases. 

Almost uniquely, Simon has wide expertise in money and children cases. His case-load in pro bono family law clinics in London is mostly child custody work. 

And his naturally empathetic and caring style is widely admired by clients. 

Most of his cases get settled amicably, in mediation or round a table. Simon likes to talk and negotiate, rather than simply writing letters. He is direct and gives strong advice. 

Simon is a fearless and reassuring presence in a client’s life, and a reliable guide to good settlement. 

Simon speaks French, and has many international cases and contacts. He has good friends throughout the family law world. 

He likes to be absolutely up to date with developments in family law - and has made new law, for example with prenups and postnups. And he loves to mentor young lawyers. 

Simon is an experienced collaborative lawyer and trained mediator; he is a Resolution Accredited Specialist in Big Money cases and Emergency Procedures in financial relief cases.

His memberships include Resolution, the International Academy of Family Lawyers (having formerly sat on its Executive Committee) and the Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA) (formerly being the elected President of its Family Law Commission).

The Midults

This is no ordinary lawyer. Bruce is a super-lawyer. And he’s funny. And a really good chess player, so don’t mess. The first thing he says to a client? “I hope that you never have to see me again.” He has this advice for those thinking about divorce: “Generally, avoid lawyers. Use us as facilitators and for high level advice. And be insistent on knowing the financial cost.” So it’s all mediation, mediation, mediation with him. That and Liverpool Football Club.

Senior Statesperson
One source describes Simon Bruce as "a huge addition" for the firm, explaining that "Simon thinks outside of the box; he is an original thinker. He is really, really concerned about his clients and very empathetic. He is truly dedicated to clients at a difficult time in their lives. He stands by his clients, and they know it." Another source says: "He is a strikingly down-to-earth and friendly lawyer. He would represent anyone and end up being invited to their children's wedding."
Chambers HNW 2022 — Ultra High Net Worth

Recommended Lawyer

Frequently sought out by high-profile clients and their spouses, Simon Bruce, partner at Dawson Cornwell, summarises his approach as guided by pragmatism, empathy and a dedication to getting results. His aim, he says, is to reach a settlement in the quickest and most efficient way, thus avoiding unnecessary costs
Spear’s Family Law Index 2022

Senior Statesperson

"His reputation for excellence of service is fully deserved." "He is extremely practical in the way he deals with things; he's a strategist."
Chambers UK 2022

Leading Individual
“Simon Bruce remains at the top of the tree – probably the best male divorce solicitor in London. He has a brain the size of a planet with an encyclopaedic knowledge of international family law unsurpassed by any other London divorce lawyer.”
“Simon Bruce continues to provide an effortlessly first class service – clients absolutely love him. He inspires total confidence for the client.”
Legal 500 2022

Senior Statesperson
"Simon Bruce is one of the greatest lawyers. He is just so experienced and knowledgeable."
"He is a one of a kind individual. He is highly, highly, highly intelligent, he's just incredibly smart and hard-working. He's a brilliant guy and a terrific lawyer."
Chambers HNW 2021

Senior Statesperson
"His attention to detail is very good, and his ability to strategically plan as to where things are going is very strong. He backs up his strategic thoughts with incredible knowledge of case law." "Simon Bruce is a name that everyone knows - he is one of the giants of London family law. His experience and client base are second to none." "Simon is one of the best family lawyers in the country."
Chambers UK 2021

Leading Individual
"Simon Bruce exudes calm confidence and his clients trust him for it."
Legal 500 2021

Senior Statesperson
Simon Bruce is regarded as "one of the best family lawyers in the country." He is hugely experienced at handling international family law cases. An interviewee highlights that "he is devoted to his clients and never shies away from tricky areas or discussions."
Chambers HNW 2020

Senior Statesperson
Simon Bruce is "at the top of his tree in terms of reputation and ability," according to market insiders. He is a highly experienced family practitioner with particular expertise in international family law cases and as a mediator. One interviewee describes Bruce as "a port in a storm," explaining: "He is the most unflappable lawyer I've ever met. Nothing could ever happen that could cause him to get flustered. He's totally calm, and his calmness makes the clients calm."
Chambers HNW 2019

Senior Statesperson
The "exceptional" Simon Bruce speaks fluent French and frequently acts on complex, international finance matters. Commentators describe him as "an exceptionally intuitive lawyer with a brilliant tactical brain," while also highlighting his "fantastic bedside manner" and ability to "manage expectations realistically in a really helpful way."
Chambers UK 2018

Since joining Dawson Cornwell:

Simon loves public speaking and frequently speaks publicly on developments in family law, including on arbitration, trusts and foundations, prenups, obtaining emergency orders in child cases, running a family law clinic etc. 

Simon is one of the most frequent commentators in Family Law, having recently written good practice guides on:

  • negotiation 
  • how to deal with difficult lawyers 
  • emergency applications in child cases
  • arbitration 
  • prenups and postnups. 

He was an author for Resolution of the precedent consent orders and prenups.

He has also co-written two family law text books.

“Simon Bruce remains at the top of the tree — probably the best male divorce solicitor in London.”

Chambers UK 2022

“His reputation for excellence of service is fully deserved.”

The Legal 500 2022

“He's a brilliant guy and a terrific lawyer.”

Chambers HNW 2022

“...he is one of the giants of London family law. His experience and client base are second to none.”

Chambers UK 2021