Pakistan Desk

Pakistan Desk

Dawson Cornwell’s Pakistan Desk specialises exclusively in international family law.

How the Pakistan Desk can help you

There are well-established connections between Pakistan and the United Kingdom, going back many years. This is especially the case for High Net Worth individuals and their families many of whom retain strong links in both jurisdictions. Our Pakistan Desk was created to provide a bespoke service for these families with specialised legal advice in relation to issues of international divorce and family law.

The Pakistan Desk consolidates our existing reputation as a top leading firm of solicitors specialising in domestic and international family law.

Who heads our Pakistan Desk

Our Pakistan Desk is headed by partner, Sulema Jahangir, who is cross-qualified in Pakistan and England & Wales. She is both an Advocate of the High Courts in Pakistan registered with the Bar Council of Pakistan and a Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England & Wales, registered with The Law Society of England & Wales. She is fluent in Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi.

A law graduate of the University of Cambridge, Sulema was previously a partner at AGHS Law Associates, the law firm of the late Asma Jahangir and Hina Jilani, the leading family law and human rights law firm in Pakistan. She was part of the team at AGHS providing advice for Parliamentary bodies in Pakistan on the implementation of women-friendly legislation including laws curtailing domestic violence and amendments to family law.

The rest of the team

Sulema works with senior associate, Shabina Begum and associate, Lina Khanom, both of whom speak fluent Urdu, Hindi and Bengali.

What do our clients benefit from?

  • First-hand, practical knowledge of Pakistani cross-jurisdictional issues having acted in many cases.
  • Extensive knowledge of Pakistani family law, Sulema having practised in Pakistan and now frequently requested by judges to provide expert evidence on Pakistani family law.
  • A bi-lingual English/Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi team on hand to provide a seamless service.
  • A strong network of legal and professional contacts in England & Wales and across Pakistan.
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