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Carolina is a Spanish Abogado, who cross-qualified as a Solicitor in 2006. She is known as a “go-to practitioner for cross-border work involving both public and private children cases”. She specialises in international cases particularly child abduction, registration and enforcement of foreign contact orders, leave to remove, residence, contact and public law cases.

Carolina is the elected Vice President of the International Academy of Family Lawyers, Secretary of the Union International des Avocats Family Commission, President of the Westminster and Holborn Law Society, a member of the International Committee of  Resolution, elected Executive member for international affairs of the Bar Association of Murcia, Founder and Secretary of the Spanish Association of Collaborative Lawyers and co-chair of the European Family Justice Observatory. Carolina is a Resolution Accredited Specialist in Child Abduction and Children Law - disputes between parents or relatives.

Carolina graduated from the University of Murcia, Spain with a degree in law having studied international family at the Università degli Studi Magna Græcia, Italy on a European Commission "Erasmus" scholarship.

She joined Dawson Cornwell in 2003 having won a second European Commission scholarship and qualified as a European Lawyer in this jurisdiction in 2004.

Carolina is a frequent lecturer and author on family law and has been interviewed by the press on many occasions. In 2016, she was invited by the Spanish Judicial Council to participate in the training of the Spanish Judiciary in international family law. She is consistently ranked by both Chambers and The Legal 500.

Carolina's first language is Spanish. She also speaks fluent Italian.

  • Winner Jordans Family Law Awards "International Lawyer of the Year" 2016
  • Selected by the USA Embassy in UK to participate in their highly prestigious US State Department International Visitors Leadership Program  2016,  in their multi-regional project, "Children in the US Justice System" (2016).
  • Selected to participate in the exchange programme between The Law Society and The Bar Association of Sao Paulo (2015).
  • The Times’ Lawyer of the Week for her successful representation of a client in the first case with Russia following their ratification of The Hague 1996 Convention (September 2014).
  • International Academy of Family Lawyers First European Chapter Award for Young Family Lawyers for her essay  “The Brussels II bis Regulation – Five Years On and Proposal for Reform”(2011).

Leading Individual
Carolina Marín Pedreño is a well-regarded bilingual practitioner who has extensive experience in Spanish and Latin American matters. Her international practice encompasses abduction, leave to remove and care proceedings, as well as cross-border financial disputes. One source remarks: "She is an extremely conscientious and competent lawyer who always acts with integrity and with her clients' best interests at heart."
Chambers & Partners 2020

Next Generation Partner
"Carolina Marín Pedreño has a great client manner and a very good tactical mind".
Legal 500 2020

Leading Individual
Carolina Marín Pedreño "always wants the best for her clients" and is "fearless, enormously experienced and extremely conscientious," according to interviewees. She is highlighted for her strength in matters involving the international abduction of children, as well as cases involving contact and residence orders.
Chambers & Partners 2019

Leading Individual
Carolina Marín Pedreño has earned a reputation as one of the foremost international children lawyers, offering particular expertise in cases with a Spanish element as a dual-qualified practitioner. Interviewees describe her as "a wonderful professional with great knowledge of both UK and Spanish children law at the same time as international regulation."
Chambers & Partners 2018

Carolina has “strong experience at the highest level of international cases.
The Legal 500, 2017

Leading Individual
Carolina Marín Pedreño is "absolutely superb: very sure-footed and authoritative" and "provides certainty in the labyrinth of EU law on relocation and child abduction cases," according to commentators. She is qualified in both the UK and Spain and is an industry expert in multi-jurisdictional child issues.
Chambers & Partners 2017

Leading Individual
EU Law expert Carolina Marín Pedreño is a go-to practitioner for cross-border work involving both public and private children cases. Interviewees describe her as “very experienced and aware of all the new movements coming out” noting that she is “very good with clients and great in a crisis”.
Chambers & Partners 2016

very experienced in international cases at the highest level”.
Legal 500 2016

Leading Individual
Carolina Marín Pedreño is an experienced children law practitioner with expertise in international private law proceedings and particular strength in Anglo-Iberian matters.
Chambers & Partners 2015

pleasant and absolutely dedicated to clients”.
Legal 500 2015

Leading Individual
Carolina Marín Pedreño handles a range of cross-border cases and is noted for her capacity to advise Spanish clients and Spanish speaking clients, which is aided by her Spanish language skills and her dual qualification in England & Wales and Spain.
Chambers & Partners 2014

Leading Individual
She “has a deep understanding of these cases and she is able to predict what is going to happen and what is the best thing to do at each moment in time”. She is a dual qualified English lawyer and Spanish Abogado, and regularly acts for Spanish speaking clients and individuals whose cases involve Spanish speaking countries. She is noted for her particular specialism in cross-border children matters.
Chambers & Partners 2013

  • Carolina has acted in many of the leading cases. Her numerous reported cases can be read in our Reported Cases

Carolina has written numerous articles both in English and in Spanish language legal journals including:-

"fearless, enormously experienced and extremely conscientious"

Chambers 2019

"a wonderful professional with great knowledge of both UK and Spanish children law at the same time as international regulations"

Chambers 2018

"absolutely superb; very sure footed and authoritative"

Chambers, 2017

"an extremely conscientious and competent lawyer who always acts with integrity and with her clients' best interests at heart"

Chambers 2020