Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE, QC (Hon)

1st August 1957 – 2nd October 2020

Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE, QC (Hon) - Dawson Cornwell

Described as "one of the leading matrimonial lawyers of our time,"  "the queen bee of cross border children law"  and "a force of nature", Anne-Marie is Head of the Children Department. She was admitted in 1985, joined Dawson Cornwell in January 1998, and now leads an expert and recognised team, acting for high net worth individuals and the publically funded alike.

Anne-Marie specialises in all aspects of domestic and international family law and the international movement of children. She has expertise in international divorce forum and jurisdictional disputes on divorce, with particular expertise in international custody disputes, child abduction (Hague and non–Hague); the EU Regulation on jurisdiction in family matters, relocations and children's law private and public.

She acts for the victims of forced marriages, abandoned spouses, honour based violence and female genital mutilation. She has assisted in the protection of more than 150 forced marriage victims and many threatened and actual victims of female genital mutilation.  She has acted in the leading forced marriage and stranded spouse cases.  

Anne-Marie is highly sought after by high net worth couples as the specialist in surrogacy arrangements, surrogacy with an international element and co-parenting agreements. She advises in respect of complex domestic and international adoption applications and legal issues arising from the creation and implementation of surrogacy arrangements under The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008.

She is accredited by Resolution as a specialist family lawyer with specialisms in forced marriage and honour based violence, child abduction and children law. She is a Queens Counsel honoris causa (2016) and a Doctor of Laws honoris causa, University of Leeds (2016).

Anne-Marie is the immediate past Parliamentarian of the International Academy of Family Lawyers, chair of the Board of Trustees of Reunite: International Child Abduction Centre  and past chair of the Womens Lawyers’ Interest Group of the International Bar Association. She is a member of the National Commission on Forced Marriage at the House of Lords and an appointed panel member of the Government Review on Sharia Law in England and Wales. She is a member of the Cambridge Family Law Centre Advisory Board. She is a London Volunteer Fundraising Board Member for the Personal Support Unit. She is a previous chair of the International Bar Association Family Law Committee and a previous member of the International Issues Committee of The Law Society of England and Wales. 

She is a Founding Fellow of the International Surrogacy Forum, a Fellow of the Academy of  Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys, co-chair of the International Academy of Family Lawyers’ Surrogacy and ARTS Committee and a Founding Member of the UK LGBT Family Law Institute.

She is also a member of numerous associations and committees including the International Society of Family Law, the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and many others.

She is a regular speaker and has made numerous television and press appearances and lectures frequently both within the United Kingdom and abroad. She is the UK correspondent for “International Family Law” (Jordans) and a joint author of the text book “International Parental Child Abduction”. She sits on the editorial board of the Child and Family Law Quarterly (Jordans), and is a contributor to Child Case Management Pracitce 2nd Edition (Family Law). She is listed in Debretts.

  • Private Client Individual (London) of the Year at The Legal 500 UK 2020 awards
  • Shortlisted for The Family Law Awards 2017 Partner of the Year
  • The Times' Lawyer of the Week (2016) for her representation of Amina Al-Jeffrey, held in Saudi Arabia by her father, often referred to in the press as the "girl in a cage" case. 
  • Doctorate of Laws honoris causa University of Leeds (2016)
  • Queen’s Counsel honoris causa (2016)
  • International Academy of Family Lawyers prestigious President’s Medal (2014)
  • British LGBT "Corporate Straight Ally" Award (2014).
  • Top 50 Women SuperLawyers (2013)
  • Top 100 UK SuperLawyers (2013)
  • International Family Lawyer of the Year in the Jordans Family Law Awards (2012)
  • ’Albert’ by the Albert Kennedy Trust, in recognition of her work on an international level in defending the human rights of young lesbian, gay, bi–sexual and trans people (2011)
  • True Honour Award from IKWRO (2011)
  • International Bar Association’s Outstanding International Woman Lawyer Award (2010)
  • Times Lawyer of the Week (2006)
  •  Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year, for her work with the victims of forced marriage (2004)
  • OBE for her services to international child abduction and adoption in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List (2002).
  • inaugural UNICEF Child Rights Lawyer Award (1999)

Outstanding in field - Top Recommended Family Lawyer
"Anne-Marie“s name is on just about every list of the top family lawyers."
The Spear's 500 2020

Star Individual
Anne-Marie Hutchinson is a highly regarded children expert who is recognised by commentators as "a world leader in international family law who is always ready and willing to go many extra miles for those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged." She is well versed in cross-border abduction, leave to remove and care proceedings. She also acts for clients in complex and sometimes ground-breaking divorce disputes.
Chambers & Partners 2020

Leading Individual — Hall of Fame
Anne-Marie Hutchinson who receives so many plaudits has been described as aliving legend who has dominated the field of international children law for many years”. 
“Anne-Marie Hutchinson stands head and shoulders above her peers in this area. Her knowledge, insight, and creativity in the field is beyond comparison. She is the doyenne of international family law”.

Anne-Marie Hutchinson stands out for her "knowledge and experience in very sensitive matters".
The Legal 500 2020

"Anne-Marie is truly one of a kind, her extensive experience and expertise in Family law matters is matched only by her passion and determination to achieve the best outcomes for her clients."
Citywealth Leaders List 2020

"Anne-Marie's grasp of international aspects of family law is unrivalled and is augmented by her absolute dedication to the cause of her clients."
Citywealth Leaders List 2019

Star Individual
Anne-Marie Hutchinson draws wide acclaim as a "hugely respected" leader in the field of cross-border disputes involving children. Her high-level expertise includes abduction cases involving Hague and non-Hague Convention countries, issues of surrogacy and cases involving stranded spouses and forced marriages. One source comments: "She is an immensely powerful woman with a brilliant mind. She thinks ahead of the game and predicts what you will need in a year's time."
Chambers & Partners 2019

Leading Individual
Anne-Marie Hutchinson hasa ‘stellar reputation’ particularly in the field of child abduction”. 
The Legal 500 2018-2019

Star Individual
Anne-Marie Hutchinson is the pre-eminent name in cross-border children matters. She has experience at the cutting edge of law from across the full spectrum of issues, including abduction, relocation and surrogacy. "She is a force of nature," states one source; "she has an innate ability to see things in a case that no one else sees. An exceptional lawyer."
Chambers & Partners 2018

Leading Individual
Anne-Marie Hutchinson hasnear legendary status and an encyclopaedic knowledge of children law. Her unique combination of accurate judgement and analytical skills enable her to succeed even in the highest courts”. 
The Legal 500, 2017

"Anne-Marie's grasp of international aspects of family law is unrivalled and is augmented by her absolute dedication to the cause of her clients."
Citywealth Leaders List 2017

Star Individual
"The go-to person for cross-border matters," Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE is a tremendously experienced practitioner with an international reputation for all children issues, continuing to act in the most significant cases. Sources describe her as "a force of nature and leader in her field," adding: "She knows pretty much everything there is to know about international cases."
Chambers & Partners 2017

Honours List & Powerwomen
"Anne-Marie's grasp of international aspects of family law is unrivalled, and is augmented by her absolute dedication to the cause of her clients."
Citywealth Leaders List 2016

Sole Star Individual
Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE is a stand out children law practitioner whose expert practice includes a particular emphasis on cross-border issues. She is “a doyenne of international family law” who is “able to intuitively design the best approach in the most difficult cases”. 
Chambers & Partners 2016

Anne-Marie Hutchinson has “near legendary status”.
Legal 500 2016

Sole Star Individual
Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE is a leading light in children law and is frequently called to handle the most challenging and novel cases relating to international abductions, adoptions and surrogacy. Sources admire her innovative approach.
Chambers & Partners 2015

Anne-Marie Hutchinson’s team is “enormously experienced” at advising on forced marriages, stranded spouses and complicated surrogacy issues.
Legal 500 2015

Honours List & Powerwomen
Citywealth Leaders List 2015

Sole Star Individual
Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE is a market leader in cross-border children work, including child abduction, leave to remove and international surrogacy matters. Clients are “very impressed with her overall ability to take the situation and understand it” with one praising her as “an outstanding children practitioner with a wonderful case load”.
Chambers & Partners 2014

Anne-Marie Hutchinson is “the premier player in the field of international children law”.
Legal 500 2014

Honours List & Powerwomen
Citywealth Leaders List 2014

Sole Star Individual
Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE is “the queen of cross-border children law”. She is “incredibly committed and conscientious, with a deep knowledge of the law and an amazingly hard working approach”. Her high profile work over the past year has included an appeal to the Supreme Court involving the 1980 Hague Convention on child abduction.
Chambers & Partners 2013 ‘Star Individual’

One of the leading matrimonial lawyers of our time
Legal 500 2013

Honours List & Powerwomen, 
Citywealth Leaders List 2013

Sole Star Individual
Anne-Marie Hutchison OBE is highly regarded for her children work. “She is an all round outstanding solicitor who is very committed and conscientious”, say sources. In the past year, she has been involved in a number of surrogacy related matters.
Chambers & Partners 2012

Dawson Cornwell’s multi-lingual department combines the skills of children law specialist Anne-Marie Hutchinson and Rhiannon Lewis’ big-money team. On the children side, Hutchinson appeared in reported cases such as Re E, and Re P, the forced marriage case.
Legal 500 2012

Sources agreed that Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE is “the queen bee of children work”.
Chambers & Partners 2011

a “go-to” lawyer for children matters.
Legal 500 2011

Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE has an unsurpassed reputation for child abduction cases and is fearless in defending her clients.
Chambers & Partners 2010

Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE stands at the forefront of international children work. “She knows everything there is to know” say commentators who regard her as “a complete star”.
Chambers & Partners 2008/2009

The formidable Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE is held in very high esteem by the legal profession. “A first rate lawyer who really knows her stuff on international child abduction”. She impresses clients with her “passionate fighting commitment”. She also deals with less confrontational applications to remove children from a jurisdiction and with domestic public and private law cases.
Chambers & Partners 2007/2008

Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE may be “hard to litigate against” but remains an “absolute leader” in the field of international children’s work. “She moves the goal posts on international work all the time” effused one interviewee. Her specialism lies in children matters and she has as particular focus on international custody disputes, child abduction, international adoption and the victims of forced marriages. She is also noted for her “dedication to the numerous clients she has had to represent over the years”.
Chambers & Partners 2006/2007

Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE is among the highest ranks of children lawyers. Internationally renowned for her work on child abduction and forced marriages, she succeeds with her “unshakeable self belief and fearless knowledge of the subject”. “Clear in her own mind as to what’s what” she is not the easiest person to work against, but “An invaluable ally if she is in your camp”.
Chambers & Partners 2005/2006

Forced marriage and child abduction expert Anne-Marie Hutchinson is “one of the predators in the jungle” whose “spirited onslaughts are tempered with thoughtfulness and reason”.
Chambers & Partners 2004/2005

Anne-Marie Hutchinson heads the children team and is a nationally renowned expert on child abduction and forced marriages. Skilled in “the minutia of children’s law” sources claim she “knocks back the opposition at a canter”. Recent cases for the firm include RES a case on asylum and abduction.
Chambers & Partners 2003/2004

The enormously experienced and knowledgeable” Anne-Marie Hutchinson is “pre-eminent” in the children field.
Chambers & Partners 2002/2003

Anne-Marie’s record of changing the face of family law, in terms of the sheer number and extent of her reported cases, is second to none. She has acted in many of the leading cases in the fields in which she practices. Her numerous reported cases can be read in our Reported Cases

Anne-Marie has written numerous articles on family law, some of the more recent of which include

  • Availability of Legal Aid for Applications Pursuant to the 1996 Hague Convention Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE, QC (Hon) and Michael Gration, Family Law Week (2018)
  • Setting aside summary return orders under the 1980 Hague Convention Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE, QC (Hon), James Netto, Jennifer Palmer and Richard Harrison, QC (2017) International Family Law Journal
  • Russia's accession to the Hague Convention 1980 Anne-Marie Hutchinson, Katherine Res Pritchard and Liuda Yablokova (2017) International Family Law Journal
  • ”Is it time for “compensated” surrogacy arrangements? Do we need new regulation to deal with national and international surrogacy? Hassan Khan, barrister at 4 Paper Buildings, and Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE consider the current challenges surrounding children born through surrogacy and the potential of an international convention that would set minimum standards and prevent stateless children (June 2015), Lexis PSL
  • ”Habitual residence test in Hague Convention cases”   Following  the Supreme Court’s judgment in AR v RN, Michael Gration, a barrister at 4 Paper Buildings, and Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE examine the continuing issue of wrongful retentions both generally and specifically in the context of Hague Convention cases (June 2015) Lexis PSL.
  • Religious courts Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE and Richard Kwan discuss religious arbitration arising from the recent High Court case of Re AI and MT [2013] EWHC 100 (Fam) (July 2013) English Chronicle
  • ”The 1996 Hague Convention: The Fourth Dimension” Anne-Marie Hutchinson, Eleri Jones, barrister of 1 Garden Court, and Richard Kwan, trainee solicitor at Dawson Cornwell, consider the impact of the 1996 Hague Convention in England and Wales (November 2012) Family Law Week
  • International surrogacy arrangements” Anne-Marie Hutchinson and Hassan Khan of 4 Paper Buildings ask whether it is time for a multi-lateral convention (November 2011) International Family Law
  • ”When surrogacy goes wrong” Anne-Marie Hutchinson explores some of the things that can go wrong when making a surrogacy arrangement (July 2011)
  • ”Same sex marriage and civil partnership compared” Anne-Marie Hutchinson together with trainee solicitor Richard Kwan looks at how same-sex marriage will differ from civil partnership (2011) G3 Magazine.
  • ”Parenthood by surrogacy” Anne-Marie Hutchinson discusses the issues and considerations facing same-sex couples who are considering surrogacy (February 2011) Outreach Magazine.

"an immensely powerful woman with a brilliant mind"

Chambers 2019

"has near legendary status and an encyclopedic knowledge of children law"

The Legal 500, 2017

"a world leader in international family law who is always ready and willing to go many extra miles for those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged"

Chambers 2020

"She knows pretty much everything there is to know about international cases"

Chambers 2017