Isidro Niñerola Torres

Registered European Lawyer

Isidro Niñerola Torres - Dawson Cornwell

Isidro is a Registered European Lawyer who principally assists partner, Carolina Marín Pedreño, on cross border proceedings involving Spanish clients.

Isidro graduated from the School of Law, University of Valencia, Spain in 2014, subsequently qualifying as a Spanish Abogado.

Prior to joining Dawson Cornwell in 2016, he experienced various internships with family law firms in Spain, London and California. His particular interest is international family law, and he undertook a course in private international law at The Hague Academy, The Netherlands, in 2013.

He has attended several conferences of the Spanish Association of Family Lawyers, AEAFA, and the Union Internationale des Avocats, and was invited to speak at their Young Lawyers session in 2016.