Peter Clark Prize

We are proud sponsors of the Peter Clark Prize. This prize is awarded annually to the best family law students at the University of Law, London.

Originally the award was given to one winning student but from 2017 the prize has been split into two awards.

The prize is open to University of Law London students who score the highest marks in the family assessment. Those who are invited to apply by the University of Law need to submit to them a brief CV, a statement explaining why they are committed to that field of practice and a powerpoint presentation proposing the changes they consider are most needed within family law. There are two prizes available. One is a cash prize of £1000, whilst the other is the same cash prize coupled with a two-week internship at Dawson Cornwell. Preference for the latter award will be given to applicants who do not have a training contract to enable them to benefit from the two-week internship.

The prize was established in honour of Peter Clark, a partner at Dawson Cornwell from 1993 until his death on 12th April 2010. Peter was the driving force behind Practical Matrimonial Precedents published by Sweet & Maxwell; the leading family law precedent book. His intelligence, attention to detail and his drafting skills, combined with the constructive and conciliatory approach he adopted, served as an example to all as to how family law should be practiced.

The prize is funded by Dawson Cornwell and Peter's family and friends.


First year: Rebecca Hawley
Second year: Rebecca Hazeldine
Third year: Tania Afrin
Fourth year: Daisy Burgess
Fifth year: Kavita Uppal
Sixth year: Katy Siddall
Seventh year: Charlotte Murfin and Nicole Powell
Eighth year: Bethan Ratcliffe and Michael Terry

Peter Clark

1947 - 2010