Zoë Fleetwood spoke about her recent high profile cryopreservation case Re JS (A Child)

Zoë spoke at Doughty Street Chambers “Law and Ethics at the Frontiers of Medicine and Science” seminar.

Zoë acted for the child in this case Re JS (A Child) [2017] 4 WLR 1 in which the High Court considered the wishes of a terminally ill 14 year old child that her body be cryopreserved upon her death.  The case focused attention on medical and scientific advances not covered or contemplated by existing laws, such as the Human Tissue Act 2004. In addition to Zoë, the panel of speakers included fellow lawyers who acted in the JS case and the Director of Regulation at the Human Tissue Authority. They discussed whether the current legal and regulatory framework is keeping up with developments in medicine and science in the 21st century.