Carolina Marín Pedreño wins International Family Lawyer of the year Award

Our partner Carolina Marín Pedreño, has been awarded the Jordans International Family Law Solicitor of the Year Award 2016.

This award was presented at the 6th Annual Family Law Awards, held at the Bloomsbury Big Top on 23rd November 2016.

This award is given to “the lawyer who the judges believe has made a major contribution to the field of international family law and led the way for other practitioners to follow”.

Carolina was unable to accept the award in person, as she was in Spain attending a conference at which she was speaking on Brexit.  It was accepted on her behalf by our Managing Partner, Stephen Harker.

Carolina said “I want to dedicate this award to my partners and former partner like John Cornwell, Peter Clark and Sir Henry Rumbold (who interviewed me) for giving me the opportunity to qualify in this jurisdiction 15 years ago, as they believed in diversity and invested in a diverse team.  I would not be an international lawyer today if not for them and for my mentor – the best lawyer I know – Anne-Marie Hutchinson